Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rachel's Shirt To Skirt Tutorial

Rachel recently decided to make a child's skirt from an adult shirt.  She started with this old shirt. 
 She laid it out on the floor.  She determined how high she wanted it to be and cut across the shirt as wide as it would go to the side seams.  From that point, she cut straight down to form the sides of the skirt. 

She then sewed the front with the buttons together so that it would not open.  This created the front panel of the skirt.  

With right sides together, she then sewed the front and back panels at the side seams, matching at the top and bottom edges.

She folded down about and inch and flipped the raw edge under to form a casing; then pinned this. 

Rachel then sewed the casing closed, leaving a space to insert the elastic.

  After she inserted the elastic, she sewed its ends together and then sewed the casing closed.

It sure made for a quick and easy skirt since the bottom of the shirt created the hem for her.

 Voila!  A pretty skirt, ready for some little girl to play. 

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