Saturday, November 29, 2008

Singing on the 16th

What a very full day our family enjoyed on November 16th. Sunday morning, we left Providence Prairie early enough to make it to Bridgeport Christian church where we were to lead the morning service's music and then offer a concert after the service. Friendly and familiar faces were in the crowd and we pray that the Lord was blessed.

An evening singing engagement further north followed for us later that day. In the meantime, the Cox family graciously invited us to their home to rest and visit for a while. It was good catching up with them, and we were even treated to a ride in the General Lee! Thank you Bill, Bonnie, and Ryan for your hospitality!

That evening we headed north to Falmouth Methodist church for their Advent service. Our presentation was comprised of a selection of Christmas songs including a little history about each one. There were familiar faces in this crowd too, and we had a great time!
With a long trip back to Providence Prairie, it was quite late by the time we crawled into bed! Nevertheless, it was a good day and we were blessed and pray that others were as well!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Results

Hamilton County election results are officially in, and we are proud to say that Mark won and will be serving the county for four more years. The totals for each precint came in and the excitement grew as all of the races were very close. John McCain took the lead in Hamilton County with 2,353 to Obama's 1,794. The un-official numbers for County Board were Brad Miller- 2,016; Mark McDaniel- 1,878; Vuel York- 1,802; and John Mead- 1,502. Brad Miller and Mark McDaniel will be serving on the County Board along with Dr. Donald Mitchell, John Chapman, and Randy Rubenacker. It was a tight race, but the Lord blessed us with a victory! Congratulations Mark!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Buckeye Factory

The Buckeye Factory has been churning out the candy to help with Mark's campaign. Within just a few weeks, we were able to produce around 2,000 buckeyes! Busy, busy! We made a few more today to finish up our last minute campaigning.

Good luck tomorrow Mark!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Candidates Speaking at Local Dinner

The Republican party of Hamilton County hosted a fall dinner and gave everyone a chance to hear some of the candidates speak- both local and those running for state offices. John O. Jones spoke on behalf of himself, John McCain, Judge David Overstreet, David B. Reis, and John M. Shimkus. Ken W. Burzynski for State Senator, Karen French for Circuit Clerk, Robert Miller for Coroner, John Mead for County Board, and Mark McDaniel for County Board were the other speakers lined up for the evening. We enjoyed the delicious food catered by Birkner's Processing, and listening to each of the candidates speak. We wish everyone good luck in the upcoming election!