Friday, June 25, 2010

Singing at Heritage Woods

Shortly after Ryan and Amanda returned from their excursions in Egypt and Israel, they joined us for a singing engagement at Heritage Woods Assisted Living Facility. Trey and Clair had other obligations with their new home and were unable to join in the fun of the ice cream social.

We sang, presented, shared about the Holy Land tour and had a great time in general. Thanks for inviting us!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Orienteering Escapades for CHEHC

On June 19th at 5pm CHEHC Families were invited to gather at Providence Prairie for an Orienteering and Treasure Hunt for all ages!

What fun we had visiting under the shade of the oaks and hickories in our lawn chairs, roasting hotdogs, and sharing a meal together.

There were activities for the young utilizing map skills following the course of the Minikin Rill Trail.
We also pulled out our compasses and checked our pace counts for an orienteering treasure hunt designed for the adventurous. Among other things, we learned about rally points, shooting an azimuth, and landmarks. Our trek followed a course through both wooded and grassy land forms, across ravines and near waterways to find the cryptogram to break the code and find the treasure.
Though the attendance was slight, the enjoyment was immense.

A Visit from the Throckmorton Family

On their way for a vacation in the wild west, the Throckmorton family stopped in to say hello and visit with Trey and Clair.
Everyone tried their hand at milking and did quite a good job! They even tried out the new "tire-go-round!"
Have a great time vacationing!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mrs. Widow and Her Orphans

Upon opening a box of canning jars retrieved from our outdoor shed we found this lady brooding over her greatest work in the dark recesses of the container.

While she is said to be 15 times as venomous as a prairie rattlesnake, her bite rarely kills humans. Nevertheless, while she was very beautiful indeed, we quickly disposed of her! Do you think that we left her 300-400 orphans to hatch!? The spiderlings are not poisonous, but that did not deter us from crushing her Magnus Opus as Charlotte so lovingly put it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don't Miss An Issue!

It's time to subscribe to the home-spun publication of the McDaniel Family-
The Prairie Proclamation! The newest Prairie Proclamation is out once again. You can find subscription info on our website.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Providence Prairie's Summer Music Recital

Nearly 150 guests, friends and family gathered to hear the practiced musicians perform a variety of music on June 6th as Providence Prairie hosted their 4th annual Summer Music Recital at the First Christian church in McLeansboro. Each year, the McDaniel Family hosts free summer and Christmas recitals for their music students. Excitement filled the room as 33 of Providence Prairie’s current students performed in this special presentation made beautiful by each pupil’s diligence, hard work and dedicated practice.

The McDaniel Family opened the day’s event with a duo of vocal acapella songs. Student performances consisted of musical arrangements on piano, guitar, violin/fiddle, bass guitar, banjo and mandolin. Both adult and youth students interpreted a variety of compositions ranging from bluegrass venues to classical and Broadway. The recital entertained its attendees in an elegant and formal venue, dotted with some light and impromptu moments.

Light refreshments were enjoyed following the afternoon’s event.
Providence Prairie has been providing private music instruction in Hamilton County for the past 7 years. You can learn more about private music lessons offered by the McDaniel Family at Providence Prairie on their website at