Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finishing out 2009!

Before 2010 gets too far underway, here is a quick review of what happened during the last few weeks of 2009.

Event 1- The Cooked Poinsettias

Oops! We didn't mean to put them on the heater! :)

Event 2- Shop building

While everyone was able to join in and lend a helping hand, we began constructing the shop from the building we had recently taken down. It went quickly, for as the saying goes- "Many hands make light work."

Event 3- Christmas Goodies
Of course our Christmas wouldn't be complete without the baking aspect! :) From our kitchen wafted a wonderful blend of aromas as we cooked and baked and added to the festive Christmas atmosphere.

Event 4- Christmas Eve Festivities

Food, fun, and homemade presents made up our family's evening. Our cheeseball snowman was a delight to look upon, but even better to eat. Yummy!

Event 5- Christmas Morning
We all awoke, excited that we were able to spend a fun day together as family. Ryan arrived early, and Trey chatted with Clair on the phone as we opened presents and enjoyed one another's company.

Event 6- Christmas in Ohio
We spent a wonderful weekend with both sides of the family as our Christmas festivities continued.

Trey and Clair

Joel and Jennifer

We were able to meet Evelyn Grace for the first time.

What a bundle of joy! Merry Christmas to you all! And we hope that you have a blessed 2010!