Sunday, December 6, 2009

Providence Prairie's Christmas Music Recital

Sunday, December 6th was a day full of fun and definitely filled with joyous Christmas music. Our annual Providence Prairie Christmas Recital was a success and the parents and friends of our students filled McLeansboro Christian church with an attendance of over 100! We want to thank McLeansboro Christian church for the beautiful facility they provided us. Also a big thank you goes to each of our students and their parents for their dedication and commitment to the beautiful art of music.

There were many selections of Christmas music- old traditionals, new favorites, etc. Below you can enjoy a few of the students who participated.

McKenzie Miller- Guitar
Laurellen Pickford- guitar

Jackson Pickford- piano
Austin Stanley- piano
Lisa Hutcheson- bass guitar

Kaylene Vineyard- piano

Maddi Jo Maxwell- fiddle

Paxton Kerans- piano
Judy Varner- fiddle

Cord Webb-guitar

Shelby Burk- piano
Heston Mays- guitar
Cole Gelfius- piano
Kaleb Darnell- guitar
Lisa Hutcheson- fiddle
Robin Gelfius- piano

Emaline Hart- guitar

Corey Webb- banjo
Kay Gunter- fiddle
Callie Webb- mandolin

Bryce Mead- guitar
Clay Ragan- piano

Ethan Richardson- guitar

Adrianna Maxwell- piano
Sarah Adcock- guitar

Emaline Hart- piano

Garrett Cradock- guitar

Macie Adcock- fiddle

Lisa Hutcheson- piano
Elijah Burk- guitar

Presley Kerans- piano

Callie Webb- fiddle

April Tennyson- piano

It was a wonderful afternoon and each of our students performed marvelously!

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