Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Rest Of August

The rest of August brought a variety of events for the family here at Providence Prairie.

We finished up Volume 14, issue #4 of the Prairie Proclamation~ Dog Days of Summer.  Can you believe that we have been publishing this for fourteen years now?!!  If you would like to join our family of readers, you can do that here.

 We celebrated a very late birthday for Amanda.  We even served her favorite- Pumpkin Torte Cake.

She is enjoying her new fiddle!

Dale Days Community Festival has come to be an annual event in our family singing adventures, and so we trekked to the "big" town of Dale to participate in the festivities.

This year, though was somewhat different as we have two additions to the family over last year.  With that in mind, we had a whole different kind of fun!  Everyone (all nine of us) played an instrument for a presentation of large dimensions!

During the month, Mark and Haylee passed by Providence Prairie on their way to Ozark Christian College.  We had a really nice abbreviated visit with them.  It is always good to visit.  We even squeezed in a session of Frisbee Golf.  Are you surprised?
And so the summer is rapidly coming to a close.  The cooler temperatures are a blessing after the very hot and dry season we have had.  We look forward to what God has in store for us in the coming months.

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