Monday, March 1, 2010

Trey and Clair's Wedding

Well, the time has finally arrived! Life around Providence Prairie has been slowing enough that we can finally update our blog and share some of the pictures from our recent weddings! Welcome to Judy's Wedding Chapel east of Indianapolis, Indiana. There on February 14th- Valentine's Day, two sweethearts were wed. Peruse the pictures and enjoy. . . .

The men praying before the ceremony.

Making final adjustments.

The beautiful blushing bride.

Clair enters with her Daddy.

Their first kiss. The married couple depart.

Off to sunny Florida!

Congratulations to the new couple! May God bless their union and bless them immensely as they strive to serve Him.


Rhonda said...

your pictures are beautiful. We miss you all so much.

Providence Prairie said...

Thank you, Rhonda, for the compliments. We miss you guys too and would love to meet little Claudia someday (in person.) In the meantime, enjoy your European "vacation," and continue to bloom where you are planted! :)
Say hello to Joe!