Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frozen Bubbles

Have you ever tried to blow bubbles outdoors in near zero weather? It is so much fun- an exciting adventure waiting to happen. As the temperature recently was right at zero degrees Fahrenheit, we decided to see the marvelous wonder once again. We mixed up some dish washing liquid and water, formed a wire loop from a floral wire and bundled up to head outdoors.
Right before our eyes, the bubbles began to crystallize! The surface clouded over, but the rainbow colored swirls remained. They still looked like a bubble, drifted like a bubble, but were frozen!
You could actually wonder if they were indeed frozen until you saw one burst. It was obvious at that point that something unique had taken place when the confetti-like material from the shattered bubble fluttered to the ground.

Other times, you could watch as one slowly ruptured and collapsed.

Has it been a long time since you have played with bubbles? Near zero temperatures can give you a reason to feel like a kid again!


Mike Simpson said...

I have never heard of frozen bubbles. We will have to try it next winter with our granddaughters and Tim.

~Providence Prairie~ said...

They are great fun! It just has to be VERY cold! Hope you have loads of fun! God bless you all.